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Top 5 Wheelchair Friendly Experiences in Maui


The island of Maui averages over 187,000 visitors a month, and it's easy to see why. Maui is home to some of the most beautiful scenery on earth. From its extensive public beaches to its towering mountains of volcanic rock, Maui features a world of culture and excitement at every point in between. 

While seeing everything that the island offers requires visitors to navigate various terrain, Maui is open and welcoming to visitors of all types. Gammie Homecare, your locally owned provider of durable medical equipment such as beach wheelchairs, is here to help!

To get your adventures started right, we're happy to share five of our favorite wheelchair-friendly experiences on the island of Maui.

Experience Ocean Life at Maui Ocean Center

While the island itself is beautiful, the soul of Maui resides in the ocean surrounding it. There are plenty of options for whale watching or sea kayaking, but when it comes to activities out on the open water, the ADA is not responsible for overseeing wheelchair accessibility. If you're looking for a consistent wheelchair-friendly experience of Maui's aquatic life —especially below the surface— the Maui Ocean Center is an incredible opportunity. Featured attractions include:

  • Turtle Lagoon
  • The new Humpbacks of Hawaii exhibit
  • The Living Reef
  • The Open Ocean Shark Exhibit

Discover Maui from Above with a Helicopter Tour

The Maui Ocean Center gives visitors a unique perspective of Maui from below the surface. However, if you want to view the island in its entirety, nothing beats a helicopter tour. There are numerous aerial options available —all easily wheelchair accessible. Take your pick and charter your own helicopter tour today!

Discover Maui from Above with a Helicopter Tour

View An Epic Sunset at Haleakalā National Park

Maui is synonymous with sparkling waters and pristine beaches, but there's an entire world of incredible vistas waiting high above sea level, including Haleakalā National Park. Peaks, valleys, and scenic craters await, with the dormant Haleakalā volcano as the central attraction. If you're in the mood for adventure, charter a wheelchair-accessible tour or visit one of the park's many observatories to view the island's lush interior, complete with an incredible sunrise or sunset at 10,000 feet!

Take in a Luau and Fire Knife Show

Every adventurer needs a rest. Once you're done touring the island's wilderness, it's time to take in Hawaii's rich and extensive culture. Nothing combines historical context with sheer fun like a luau and fire show. Luckily numerous beachfront venues offer their spin on native showmanship. Enjoy traditional Hawaiian cuisine by daylight, then marvel at an incredible fire show come dusk.

Traverse the Boardwalk along Ka’anapali Beach

A vacation to Maui isn't complete until you've visited one of its gorgeous beaches. Oceanfront terrain is notoriously challenging to navigate without a beach wheelchair, however. Ka’anapali Beach is among the island's most accessible coastal strips. It features an easy-to-navigate boardwalk that spans the entirety of the beach and allows for ideal access points to numerous shops, restaurants, and some of the most luxurious hotels in Maui! 

There's no place on earth quite like the island of Maui. Gammie Homecare is committed to helping you experience everything the island has to offer. We offer durable medical equipment such as scooters, wheelchairs, beach wheelchairs, and more designed to accommodate your thirst for adventure. To order or learn more, please contact us today!