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Top 10 Most Popular Beaches on Maui for Beach Wheelchair Use


Maui has been named the best island in the world many times and we are so lucky to have over 30 miles of beaches to enjoy

Mobi Beach Wheelchair offers accessibility to some of the finest beach locations on the island and is a fantastic option for not just getting to the beach but getting in the water! Just imagine…gorgeous views, warm sun, gentle breeze, floating in the refreshing ocean water. It truly is a dream for so many that make their way here!

A few tips to make your Mobi Beach Wheelchair the best experience

  • It’s best to have two people to pilot the beach wheelchair – one in the front with the pull strap and one in the back using the push bar
  • Navigate your way to the wet (packed) sand as it will be easier to push the beach wheelchair on this surface as opposed to fluffy dry sand
  • Beach wheelchair tires are meant to be a little flat so they do not sink into the sand.
  • The beach wheelchair user shall use a life jacket for safety and be clipped in with the chest harness while using the chair. If you do not have a life jacket, one can be rented along with your beach wheelchair.
  • Always keep your eye on the beach wheelchair user and stay within arms reach when in the water.
  • The beach wheelchair is not designed for entering the ocean when there are waves. It is also not designed for any type of surfing.

Most importantly, enjoy your time in the water and sun here in paradise!


1. Ka’anapali Beach

This 3 mile stretch of beach, known for white sand and crystal clear water is located in Ka’anapali fronting many of the larger resorts on the West Side of Maui. Not staying at a resort on Ka’anapali Beach? No problem! All the resorts have public beach access parking. If those are taken, park at the Whaler’s Village Shopping Center. This is paid parking, but 3 hours can be validated with a purchase at Whaler’s Village. At Ka’anapali Beach no lifeguards are on duty, however, showers are available.

2. Airport Beach

Just north of Ka’anapali, Airport Beach has a parklike atmosphere with large stretch of beach. One of the best parts about Airport Beach is that there is lots of parking, making it easy to get to grassy or sandy beach areas. Showers and restrooms can be found along the beach. No lifeguards are on duty at Airport Beach.

3. Napili Bay

Just north of Ka’anapali is one of Maui’s most popular beaches, Napili Bay. This golden white sandy beach has gentle sloping sand and excellent swimming conditions, making it ideal for beach wheelchair use. Street parking is the only available parking nearby which can make this beach a bit more challenging if you’re transporting your beach wheelchair here. If you are staying at one of the resorts fronting Napili Bay, you’ve found a great spot! At Napili Bay showers are available, but no public restrooms are available and no lifeguards are on duty.

4. Kapalua Bay

North of Napili Bay, fronting the Ritz Carlton, you’ll find Kapalua Bay, a beautiful white sandy beach edged with black lava and palm trees. This beach is a great option for beach wheelchair use, given the gentle sloping into the water. At Kapalua Bay, parking is available although it usually fills up pretty quickly, we recommend heading over early to find a spot. Showers and restrooms available and no lifeguards are on duty at Kapalua Bay.

sea turtles on the beach


5. Kamaole I Beach

Located in the heart of Kihei near resorts, condos, and restaurants is Kamaole 1 Beach! The first of the 3 Kamaole Beaches, this one is the largest, nicest and flattest beaches on the island. At the Lifeguard tower, you’ll find free parking, showers and restrooms. At Kamaole 1 Beach, a lifeguard is on duty.

6. Wailea Beach

There is no question why Wailea Beach is consistently rated one of the world’s best beaches. The Grand Wailea Resort and Four Seasons act as a backdrop, giving the beach a true resort vibe. Wailea Beach is filled with large white sand that gently slopes inviting accessible beach wheelchair use. If you’re not staying in a nearby resort, there is a large public parking area nearby. Showers and restrooms are available, no lifeguards are on duty at Wailea Beach.

7. Maluaka, a.k.a. King’s Beach

Maluaka is a beautiful stretch of white sandy beach in Makena fronting the Makena Golf and Beach Resort. This beach has a wide stretch of sand, ideal for beach wheelchair use in the water and taking a stroll on the beach, however gaining access to the beach may be more challenging than other beaches. The north end access has no stairs and may be your better option, while the south end access has a few stairs leading down to the sand. Both ends of Maluaka Beach have showers and restrooms available. No lifeguards on duty.


8. Haycraft Beach Park

Located in Ma’alaea is a small and fancy-free beach park with access to a 3-mile long stretch of beach. Haycraft Beach Park is hardly ever crowded, you can definitely find your socially distanced spot here. With ample areas of sandy pockets along this stretch of beach, Haycraft Beach Park is great for beach wheelchair use. This stretch of beach often has a decent amount of packed sand which makes it ideal for beach wheelchair use and easier to push than the fluffy stuff. Come early and get your fun in before the wind picks up in the afternoon. The views at Haycraft Beach Park are gorgeous, you may spot some whales here in the winter! There is a small public parking area with additional street parking. As for bathrooms, you will find portable toilets and showers. No lifeguards on duty.

9. Kanaha Beach Park

In the heart of Kahului not far from the Kahului airport lies a mile-long stretch of grass and sandy beach. Kanaha Beach Park is a world-famous spot for windsurfing and kite-surfing. For accommodation, we recommend going to the first parking area and accessing the beach adjacent to the beach volleyball courts. This area is usually protected from the wind and currents and there is a shallow roped off area that is great for beach wheelchair use. Kanaha Beach Park has a lot of parking, restrooms and showers available. There is a lifeguard on duty.

10. Baldwin Beach Park

Next to the small town of Paia, Baldwin Beach Park is a local favorite on Maui’s North shore. Stretching nearly a mile long, Baldwin Beach Park is a long white sandy beach. Both ends of the beach park provide protected swim areas with natural beach walls although best to get your fun in the morning before the winds and currents pick up. North side of this beach has public parking access, restrooms, showers and a lifeguard tower.