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How to Spend Your Week in Maui With the Help of Gammie HomeCare


Maui, Hawaii truly is a paradise with sunny beaches, clear waters, and all-around breathtaking scenery. Maui is easy to get around, and Gammie HomeCare is here to provide all the physical mobility aids and medical equipment you need to more easily experience the island in all its glory.

Wheelchair-Friendly Sites to See in Maui

Maui, Hawaii, has lots to offer for the physically disabled and those dealing with medical ailments. Some of the highlights include: 

Napili Bay

One of Maui's most beautiful and famous beaches is Napili Bay. It has a mostly flat but gentle-sloping landscape, and the sand here is golden and easy to roll on – especially in a beach wheelchair. The water is also gentle if you want to take a dip. You will also find several wheelchair-friendly resorts with ample parking and all the amenities you need.

Mount Haleakala | Spend Your Week in Maui

Mount Haleakala

Mount Haleakala is an active volcano, but there is no danger to worry about. It offers a majestic view of the island and the ocean surrounding it, especially when the sun rises and sets. You can drive up the mountain, and there is ample parking for the handicapped.

Helicopter Tours

A Maui helicopter tour is perhaps the best way to view the island (and Hawaii as a whole). There are several helicopter tours options on the island, and most can accommodate a mobility disability. However, it is advisable to make reservations early and detail your flight. 

How Gammie HomeCare Can Help

Our goal here at Gammie HomeCare is to enhance mobility options and provide high-quality medical equipment for residents and guests of Maui as they tour and explore the island's best locations. We provide convenient delivery and pick up service options available at checkout.

To this end, we offer:

Power Mobility and Scooter Rentals | Spend Your Week in Maui

Power Mobility and Mobility Scooter Rentals

On your trip to Hawaii, you’ll discover a diverse landscape! We have power mobility and mobility scooters available to rent which are built tough and designed to provide a smooth and comfortable ride over varied terrain.

Beach Wheelchairs | Spend Your Week in Maui

Beach Wheelchairs

Our unique beach wheelchairs stroll easily over sand and also float. They break down easily to fit into vehicles for transport. Note that life jackets must be worn for non-swimmers and that beach wheelchairs should not be used in strong currents.

Manual Wheelchairs | Spend Your Week in Maui

Manual Wheelchairs

Gammie HomeCare offers a variety of durable, manual wheelchair rentals that are easy to transport. Our manual wheelchair styles include transport, standard, heavy duty, extra heavy duty, reclining and elevating leg rests.

Walking Aids | Spend Your Week in Maui

Walking Aids

If you need to rent a walker, rollator, forearm crutches, crutches, or a knee walker we on your trip to Maui check out our options! You can reserve your rental in advance of your trip!

Your Top Choice for Renting Mobility Aids in Maui, Hawaii

Why should you let Gammie HomeCare provide the help you need? For starters, we have your best interests at heart. Additionally, we offer top-quality products and services to ensure that you get the best experience possible on your tour of Hawaii.

Our products are available for rental for however long you desire, and we offer some of the best prices on the island. We also accept a range of insurance coverage policies, and our terms are as relaxed and friendly as the island is beautiful. Get in touch to learn more about our products and how we can help.