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Oxygen Concentrator

Starting at

$140.00 / week

Whether you need oxygen 24/7 or for use with your CPAP, Gammie Homecare offers rental equipment that fit your specific needs.





Gammie Homecare currently rents the Respironics EverFlo, and the Invacare PerfectO2 and IRCLX. Rental concentrators are based on availability. Portable oxygen tanks are available to rent for additional fees. If you wish to add portable tanks to your order, please contact Gammie Homecare.

Note: Gammie HomeCare requires a qualifying prescription to rent or sell oxygen concentrators.

Additional Information

Disclaimer:: Gammie Homecare provides nasal cannulas, tubing, and humidifiers with all oxygen concentrator rentals. Back up tanks are provided in the event of a power outage or unit failure. Customers reserve the right to refuse back up oxygen equipment. If oxygen back-up equipment is refused, you are accepting the consequence of no physical response from a Gammie HomeCare employee during an after hours emergency. Telephone troubleshooting is still an available after-hours service.