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Low Air Loss Mattress System




The Invacare MicroAir MA65 Therapeutic Support Surface model improves air circulation and cools the body temperature with a unique system of air released into the mattress. The MA65 mattress is an alternating pressure with on demand low air loss mattress replacement system that aids in the prevention and treatment of stage I to IV pressure ulcers.


  • State of the art compressor – allows for easy set up and effective therapy cycles
  • Four therapy times – adjusted for patient comfort and pressure relief
  • Constant pressure monitoring – monitors the air pressure in the mattress to maintain the appropriate pressure to prevent capillary occlusion
  • Wireless Auto Fowler – when activated, 25% more air is automatically pushed into the mattress to prevent patient from bottoming out when bed is articulated
  • Lock out button – prevents against tampering or accidental adjustments
  • Cover – Anti-microbial, fluid-resistant, vapor permeable cover guards against friction and shear
  • Pressure adjustment – pressure can be adjusted by 50% to provide comfort for frail patients
  • Visual and audio alarms warn during low pressure or power outage
  • Mattress remains inflated during power outage when hose is connected
  • Rolls up and features an attached carry strap for easy transport and storage
  • 10 Nylon, buckled straps firmly secure the mattress to the bed


80″ L x 36″ W x 10″ H
Compressor – 50 LPM

Product Weight Capacity:
350 lb.

Limited Warranty – 1 Year – Mattress, Cover; 2 Year – Power Unit

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