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Gammie HomeCare is the island’s #1 provider for CPAP and Bilevel Sleep Therapy! Our team of Respiratory Therapists and Sleep Coaches are committed to helping you succeed in your sleep therapy journey.

Why Gammie HomeCare Stands Out

Meet our Respiratory Therapists and Sleep Coaches

We have over 75 years of industry experience with respiratory services. We work closely with medical professionals – Physicians, Physician Assistants, and Nurse Practitioners to get you the solutions you need to live a happier and healthier life.

Michael Messmore, CRT

Joined Gammie Homecare in March 1996


Honor Graduate Respiratory Specialist Program

Brooke Army Medical Center Fort Sam Houston, Texas (1980)


Certified Respiratory Therapist with NBRC-Active (1982)

Respiratory Care Practitioner-State of California (Inactive) (1985)

Special interests:

All form of positive airway pressure therapy to include CPAP, Bi Level, AVAP, and ASV

Personal interests:

Moved to Maui in May 1992.

Outside of work I enjoy fishing, camping, and spending time with my girlfriend and dogs.

One of the reasones I do what I do is that I greatly enjoy seeing the positive outcomes that occur when people use PAP therapy. I have witnessed truly life changing improvements in patients lives.

Rush Schwarz, ATP, CRT

With over 12 years of experience helping patients overcome breathing difficulties and enhancing their lives despite cardiopulmonary disorders, I joined the Gammie Homecare team in 2018 as a Respiratory Therapist. Adept in working with patients suffering from a variety of breathing issues and chronic respiratory diseases. I am committed to helping patients live their best life with the assistance of beneficial respiratory therapy products and information.

Shannon Ribao, Sleep Coach

It brings me great joy doing CPAP setups and mask fittings. In working with our patients, I am able to help them feel comfortable about sleep therapy and also educate them on how it may improve their quality of sleep. What truly matters to me? Helping people and making a difference in our patients lives.

Michael O’Malley, Sleep Coach

As a sleep coach, I’m eager to help you get some sleep. CPAP is one of my favorite things to sell at Gammie Homecare because unlike other products that help you with solutions to problems you face, CPAP can actually help you fix problems and prevent future ones from occurring. Nothing is better than hearing a success story and seeing someone's life change so quickly with a tiny change. A good night's sleep is the key to success anywhere in life and I'm happy to help you find one.

Krislee Ortal, Sleep Coach

I love being able to help people sleep. As a Sleep Coach, seeing how relieved people feel once they leave the office knowing that we are here to help them achieve their goal is very rewarding. As your coach, I am always there to troubleshoot and find solutions to any issue that arises.

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