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Top 6 Most Popular Beaches on Kauai for Beach Wheelchair Use


The Hawaiian islands are synonymous with the ocean. The island of Kauai features more than 50 miles of beautiful white sand beaches that are open to the public. While beachfront terrain isn't always ideal for visitors who utilize wheelchairs and scooters, Kauai features several beautiful beaches that are perfectly wheelchair accessible.

In this article, Gammie HomeCare, a locally-owned medical equipment provider that offers options such as beach wheelchairs, will run down Kauai's top six wheelchair-accessible beaches.

Lydgate Beach Park

In terms of a safe and relaxing experience, Lydgate Beach Park is one of your best options. Lydgate features a collection of enclosed salt pools called Morgan's Ponds. These relatively shallow pools are safe from ocean tides and provide swimmers of all abilities a secure place to swim. Complete with its collection of tropical marine life, Lydgate Beach is one of the most family —and wheelchair—friendly beaches on our list.

Salt Pond

Salt Pond Beach Park is another one of Kauai's safest, most protected beaches. Salt Pond features another collection of salt shallows that are ideal for beginning snorkelers. Pavilions, restrooms, and walkways will help visitors of all abilities access the beach in comfort. Using a beach wheelchair provided by Gammie HomeCare, the shoreline itself is easily accessible at Salt Pond.

Hanalei Pier

Located on Kauai's famous North Shore at the outlet of the Hanalei river, Hanalei Pier offers visitors a historic beach-going experience. The pier was known as a bustling trade route specializing in sugar exports in years past. Now, it is known for its easily accessible beachfront complete with amenities such as picnic tables and pavilions.

Gammie Homecare customer using a beach wheelchair for surfing

Poipu Beach Park

For our next selection, Gammie HomeCare takes a trip to the opposite end of the island. Located along the South Shore, Poipu Beach features unique geography; the sandbar in the middle forms two small, protected bays that are ideally suited to groups of all abilities. In fact, Poipu Beach Park is known as America's top-rated beach due to its family and wheelchair-friendly atmosphere.

Ha'ena Beach Park

Ha'ena Beach Park is by far the most scenic location on our list. The thick, tropical jungles of Kauai end where the pristine sand begins. Providing the perfect backdrop is the famous Mount Makana just beyond the treeline. With medical equipment such as a beach wheelchair, Ha'ena Beach is the perfect section of shoreline for a calm, scenic stroll.


Kalapaki Beach offers visitors the perfect blend of natural beauty and man-made comfort. The beach itself borders Kauai's famous Marriott Beach Resort. With a protected bay and amenities such as shops and restaurants easily accessible via Kalapaki's walking bridge and sidewalks, Kalapaki is a haven for beachgoers who require a beach wheelchair.

Gammie HomeCare is Your Trusted Source for Beach Wheelchair Rentals in Kauai

Of all Hawaii's islands, Kauai features some of the state's most striking beaches. Gammie HomeCare is proud to help people of all abilities to access these natural wonders through our line of beach wheelchairs and other durable medical equipment. Please contact us today to discover our full product lineup.