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New Product Announcement: Calypso by Ardo


We’re excited to announce that Gammie HomeCare now carries breast pumps! Whether you want to get one covered by your insurance or purchase one, we can help. We offer the Calypso by Ardo, independently tested as the quietest breast pump on the market and features vacuum seal technology. This Swiss made, efficient and comfortable pump will assist you in expressing your milk for your baby. Contact us today to find out more!

Insurances we accept for breast pumps:





Ohana QI


United Healthcare (UHC)

If you have one of the insurances listed above, here’s how to get the breast pump covered:

  1. Be in your third trimester
  2. Visit your doctor
  3. Ask your doctor to fax a prescription for the breast pump and the notes from your office visit documenting the pregnancy and the need for the breast pump
  4. Once received, Gammie HomeCare will contact you when you can pick up your breast pump

For more information about the Calypso by Ardo:


Ardo Customer Service: 1(844)411-2736

YouTube Channels: Ardo Breast Pumps, ARDO Breastpumps UK

*Kaiser members should see their Kaiser doctor for more information about breast pump coverage through insurance