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#FutureFridays: How to Measure for Proper Height of a Cane, Walker for Crutches


Many of our elderly kupuna in Hawaii have one form of walking disability or another requiring the use of a cane, walker or crutch to assist with their mobility needs and help prevent falling. Here’s how to properly adjust these walking aids to the height of a person so they are most comfortable and efficient to use:

Walker and Cane: Have the user stand comfortably erect (whatever that means for each individual user), and comfortably drop their arms and hands straight down. Adjust the handle height of the walker or cane so it matches the wrist height of the user. (Tip: Have the user bend their hand in towards their body and you can easily see where the skin “wrinkles” at the wrist). Most walkers and canes have a series of adjustment holes on their legs so the product can be raised or lowered, as needed. Wooden canes must be cut to their needed height (remove the rubber tip, cut cane to desired length, replace tip).

Crutches: These have two adjustments needed. One for the overall height and one for the height of the hand grip. Adjust the overall height first. Use the adjustment holes on the lower part of the crutch to have the overall height of the crutch come 1” – 2” short of the armpit of the user. Do not have the crutch actually extended into the armpit itself as this can cause injury while using. Next, adjust the height of the hand grip in the same fashion as described above for canes. Match the hand grip height to the break in the wrist of the user while standing comfortably erect. When using crutches, it’s important to remember to take the weight of your body onto your hands on the crutch and not under your armpits. The armrest pads are there only for when you’re stopped and wish to take a small break letting your hands rest.

The staff at Gammie HomeCare is happy to instruct you on how to properly complete this work. We also carry an assortment of walking aids to assist in you or your kupuna’s mobility needs and now carry the HurryCane, America’s #1 selling cane. Purchase on our website at